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Project 365 – October 2-8

October 16, 2010

Day 275
October 2

I just adore this picture of Natalie at the elementary school playground, on our way into the school’s Country Fair

Had to have one more for the photo of the day … Andrew at his school’s Country Fair … we got a late start but the hair painting wasn’t something any of my kids were willing to miss
275/365 v2

Day 276
October 3

This photo perfectly captures Jack as he is after a nap, hungry and wanting a snack. That face is a result of me telling him no, as dinner was cooking. You know I couldn’t resist that face, I did give him a small nibble.

Day 277
October 4

Me Monday … doing the dishes, yet again. And I have to say, trying to take a picture of myself doing dishes without getting the camera wet was HARD! 🙂

Day 278
October 5

I was waiting for my head shot client to arrive, and so I took a couple of pictures to test the light. 🙂 Just thought this was neat.

Day 279
October 6

Jack’s really into cars these days. Here he has a car in each hand as we walk back home from the bus stop. Love that his feet are barely touching the ground!

Day 280
October 7

My swinging girl … it was picture day at her preschool, and I’m happy she actually wore the outfit I picked out

Day 281
October 8

A flower in my neighbor’s front yard, just love the colors of this one

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  1. October 18, 2010 9:44 am

    Love the one of Jack and his cars! Great shot!

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