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Project 365 – September 25 – October 1

October 4, 2010

Day 268
September 25

Andrew right before his popcorn sales shift … he has his iPod playing as his Scout shirt has a “technology pocket” that allows the headphones to come out of the top of the pocket. We didn’t have anything like that when we were kids…

Oh, and he let me take his picture but told me not to put it on the internet. Oops! (I didn’t agree, but I’m sure he thinks I did)

Day 269
September 26

Natalie planted lima beans that she sprouted in preschool in the spring. We planted them in the garden, and they’re finally yielding a harvest. Natalie really enjoyed eating all of them raw, good stuff! (Better her than me, I can’t stand lima beans)

Day 270
September 27

I was attempting a self portrait for my Me Monday but Natalie insisted on being in it. I have several outtakes (all OOF) with just me, Natalie had a fit with each photo she wasn’t in. So it’s fitting that the best focused picture is the last one I took with her.

Day 271
September 28

Jordan and her homework 🙂

Day 272
September 29

Jack cracks me up … instead of smelling the roses, he’s blowing on them instead.

Day 273
September 30

I have no idea why he’s crying here. He might have been mad that I was taking his picture or that he couldn’t see the fox or squirrel from where he was sitting.

Before the previous shot …

Day 274
October 1

I just had to buy Jack this shirt … it says “My mom is awesome” LOL I need a shirt that says “My boy is adorable”

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  1. Sadie permalink
    October 5, 2010 7:46 am

    That last one of Jack is ADORABLE! Great shots Gwen!

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