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Project 365 – September 18-24

September 27, 2010

Hooray, I’m current!!! 🙂

Day 261
September 18

Jack and his newly shaven head. Thanks, lice, for forcing this haircut upon my boy. 😦 He’s still cute, but I like his hair much longer.

Day 262
September 19

So happy to have my camera back … and I’m loving the focus on her eyes! This is my beautiful girl, who has the worst luck.

Day 263
September 20

This is the result of a ton of weekend laundry … normally I don’t wash clothes on the weekend, but the invasion of lice caused a change in my schedule. Took me a while to get all of these folded. Oh, yes, and it’s Me Monday again.

Day 264
September 21

The night before the harvest moon … and actually, this photo was taken closer to sunset but I used a higher aperature so that the overall sky appears darker while more detail of the moon is captured. Sure wish I had a good zoom lens though.

Day 265
September 22

Jack and I went for a walk in downtown Leesburg after I filed my paperwork for my business. He really wanted to open this big door into the church.

Day 266
September 23

Story of my life these days … for the record, this nit comb is the bomb! Bought it on Amazon the day after the invasion was discovered.

Day 267
September 24

Jack and I went for a walk after taking Natalie to school. He carried this car everywhere, and wasn’t about to lose it.

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