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Project 365 – September 11-17

September 24, 2010

These were all taken with my trusty Powershot SD750 … my DSLR was still being fixed that week.

Day 254
September 11

A fun moment during back to school cul-de-sac BBQ

Day 255
September 12

I went to collect my kids from the neighbor’s house and found them eating ice cream from the ice cream man … um, dessert before dinner, great! Actually, I’d prefer it that way too.

Day 256
September 13

Me Monday – I love how tall my shadow makes me. Sometimes being short really sucks and I wish I was as tall as my shadow.

Day 257
September 14

I buy seven gallons of milk about every six days. If my HOA would let us have a cow, I might do it.

Day 258
September 15

I have to laugh … I knew Andrew would LOVE these books, but he’s refused to read them for two years straight. NOW he’s into them.

Day 259
September 16

I love my kids but all the same, this is one of my favorite sights, the bus driving away from the stop in the morning.
Day 260
September 17

My baby is back! This day was a really bad day though … Jordan came home with a head full of nits and I spent the next 48 hours trying to get it all under control. My camera didn’t escape the box until 11am the next day.

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