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The day my camera died …

September 21, 2010

My camera died on September 9th. Well, it didn’t really die but it gave me an error after every picture I took. Anyhow, Canon fixed my camera and I’m a happy girl again. But first I want to share the pictures from the day my camera died. The older two kids were in school already, and I went for a walk with Jack & Natalie on a nearby trail. Turns out the trail goes to this cool barn, and I really think it would be a fun place for a photo shoot.

So the problem with my camera started when Natalie is sitting on the rocks. I had to turn the camera off and on to take each picture from that point on.

I started out photographing the flowers along the trail, at this point I had no idea we’d find the barn.

I love the combination of colors here … but I’m not sure what to even do with this photo (in terms of processing or cropping).


I think this was the last picture I took before the dreaded Error 20 started. Anyhow, this could be fun with kids on it, right?


This tree had big rocks and then a couple of these rusted wheels. This was close to noon so not a desirable time to photograph. Not a great picture of her, just wanted to show another neat place for photographs in a better lighting situation. πŸ˜‰

Sep092010_0021 copy 2

Jack walking on the gravel road … love gravel roads, and don’t encounter many of them near us

Sep092010_0024 copy

I just love this one

Sep092010_0025 copy

The barn, silo, and sun (I really wasn’t trying to get the sun though, because of the whole error thing, I thought it would be better not to try to get a full flare. But I did want some of the sun shining down here)


Heading back to the car … I just love this boy!

Sep092010_0032 copy

Last shot I took before packing up to go home to google what the heck Error 20 meant (and camera was in the mail about 90 minutes later, so sad). For fun, I processed this with an Orton action.


Just as I was about to publish this post, “The Day the Music Died” started playing on my computer. Talk about irony! Because, of course, that’s where I drew this post title from. I crack myself up.


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