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Project 365 – July 31 – August 6

August 31, 2010

My goal before I go to bed is to get current on Project 365. Look for lots of pictures tonight! 🙂

Day 212
July 31

I have two pictures for this day … I didn’t realize I had two of them, but as I’m looking in Flickr, I see that I do. So I will share them both.

This is Jordan right before I met the hula dancer for my scavenger hunt. I’m still amazed I met a real live hula dancer! But the hula dancer didn’t make my photo of the day, my sweet girl with my sign did instead.

Playing air guitar at the Bowie Baysox game – Andrew and Rich really got into it!

Day 213
August 1

I was driving home when I realized I hadn’t taken my picture of the day yet. So I pulled into the Kolh’s parking lot and started shooting the sunset – I love sunsets!

Day 214
August 2

Me Monday – I finally finished glueing in all of my recipes into my new recipe book. So happy it’s done, and pleased with the final result

Day 215
August 3

My happy boy at dinner, he loves his corn!

Day 216
August 4

We hiked to a view of the Potomac River. Jack had ridden on my back for the hike, and I let him down so we could have some lunch. He’s checking out the river here, so cute!

Day 217
August 5

Natalie enjoying her s’more … with a bandaid on her forehead. the kids had watched a show with Indian dancing, so she put the bandaid on so she could have a dot on her forhead and be an Indian dancer. I have to be glad the kids are exposed to different cultures.

Day 218
August 6

When the kids weren’t looking, I cute the watermelon into shapes (as it was taking them forever to eat it). Well, that did the trick, it disappeared that day! Gotta love heart and star watermelon snacks 🙂

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