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Project 365 – August 21-27

August 31, 2010

Day 233
August 21

I love this shot! She really didn’t want me to take her picture so her first instinct was to close her eyes. And that made this picture a keeper. 🙂

Day 234
August 22

Jordan bought herself this skirt and hat today … came home, and put them on along with a matching shirt. She looked so cute, and I was glad she let me take a few pictures. I do have some where she’s posing, but I actually really like this capture.

Day 235
August 23

Me Monday – Heading out for an evening bike ride, despite the threatening skies. I only got drizzled on during the ride, but when I got home it was dark and the rain started coming down.

Day 236
August 24

The weather was very dreary and we didn’t do much today. After my doctor’s appointment, I took my camera to the nature center down the street, and captured some lovely flowers. This is one of my favorites.

Day 237
August 25

Natalie wanted to share her lunch with her Littlest Pet Shop toys

Day 238
August 26

This baby bunny was hiding underneath our toy car in the backyard. I’m glad I flipped the car (to drain water) instead of pushing it forward over the bunny

Day 239
August 27

I talked the kids into letting me take their picture at a park (well, there was some bribery involved). Natalie had the brilliant idea of sitting on the little wall next to the steps. It was great in theory, but Jack HATED sitting there. This picture totally reflects how that little segment went. 🙂

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