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Project 365 – August 14-20

August 31, 2010

Day 226
August 14

Another day of two pictures … totally different in nature, but both represent my day. 🙂

I made a yummy corn & avocado salad to go with a taco meatloaf for dinner. The picky kids are still with my parents, so I was able to enjoy this yummy dinner without complaints.

Nothing says August like dead cicadas

Day 227
August 15

I went in search of things to photograph in my parents’ backyard, and found this beautiful butterfly (and then I had fun with textures when editing it)

Day 228
August 16

I saved $58 using coupons tonight! All of this was purchased for only $30.95 (including tax). (Check out the receipt in the inset)

Day 229
August 17

My kids and their friends created a chalk “house”. This is the Sweet Shop with the “free gum”, cotton candy, soda, & snow cone machine. Love the imaginations at work!

Day 230
August 18

We had a fun girls night to celebrate a birthday … the birthday girl is enjoying her birthday gift with the gift giver. Good times!

Day 231
August 19

Every day this week, Natalie has asked for a “sailboat sandwich” for lunch. So today I decided to capture the memory of it for when this phase passes.

Day 232
August 20

You can’t even see all of the stuff that needs to be organized for tomorrow’s yard sale …

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