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Nature at its finest

August 29, 2010

Forgive me for sharing so many. I haven’t been able to do much on my computer as we’re having part of the house painted and I didn’t get this room back until Friday night. I’ve been playing catch up on my backlogged photos. 😉 Some of these are almost 2 weeks old though, as I don’t think I shared them at the time. I have so many and I just want to share! Not all are here so if you want to see more, they’re on Flickr.

I used a texture on this one, think it looks neat.


Thistles … been on a thistle kick lately, you’ll see more below . There’s a texture on this one too, not sure if it’s a good effect though

Aug142010_0087 texture

My friend wanted me to hang this in my bathroom (I need “art” in there). So it’s printed 11×14, waiting to be hung. I’m not a bee fan, but I like these bees better than the honeybees with the smaller stripes.


I like this one … not sure if it does anything for anyone else though 😉


Yes, another butterfly. Saw this on a walk too


My husband doesn’t like the bokeh (background blur) on this one at all.

Aug242010_0153 orton

So I cropped the next one to his liking (as he was watching me edit today). 😉


More flowers from the same gardens (I was without my kids so I stopped with my camera to get these plus the roses above)


Took my kids to a park on Friday (you’ll see pictures of them later when I have time to work on them), and got these two butterflies.



The next few are from our family walk last night … I’m really happy with this flower capture – I only took one, and it turned out. 😉


Sunburst with a metal texture … I’m liking it, do you?

Aug282010_0004 texture

I was trying to catch the plane flying near the sun but couldn’t get my camera set up in time. At least it’s in the frame … it’s in the top right, you’ll have to look hard for it


This once majestic weeping willow tree is nothing but a skeleton now … reflected in the growth-filled pond


And more thistles …


The End. 😉 Thanks for looking!

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  1. August 29, 2010 5:43 pm

    Beautiful Gwen. I absolutely LOVE spending time photographing nature – and especially butterflies and flowers. Your shots are beautiful – love the experimentation with textures. And those sunbursts are fantastic! I especially love the blue butterfly on the red flower.

  2. August 30, 2010 8:25 am

    That single pink rose and first butterfly shots are my FAVS! You truly are getting better and better with each session…your nature captures are truly inspiring!

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