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Project 365 – July 17-23

August 22, 2010

Day 198
July 17

Jordan bought bunny masks at a yard sale this morning … Jack really loved wearing his, and they sat like that with those masks for a long time!


Day 199
July 18
Jack enjoying RAW corn on the cob … I’ve never seen a kid eat this much before it was cooked!


Day 200
July 19

It’s Me Monday yet again … and my eyeball is swollen. I tried taking a picture of it, with no luck. So instead you get to see a picture of all of me, with one swollen eye.


Day 201
July 20

Andrew was NOT happy with me as I drove him and Jack around for scavenger hunt pictures … but he’s still so handsome in this picture


Day 202
July 21


Day 203
July 22

Needed a Smurf for the scavenger hunt … Jack ended up holding the sign for me in the official photo for the hunt


Day 204
July 23
Panning practice for me … Andrew was good enough to humor me for it.


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