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Project 365 – July 10-16

August 22, 2010

Day 191
July 10

Sabrina & Ryan – happy newlyweds!


Day 192
July 11

Happy birthday Jack Jack!!! I think he likes his Pillow Pet


Day 193
July 12

Me Monday – not a great shot, but it’s me in the rearview mirror, with Chicago out the other side of the car


Day 194
July 13

I only took two pictures this day … both for the scavenger hunt, both of this traffic circle. So this has to suffice to be my photo of the day.

Jul132010_0019 copy

Day 195
July 14

Jack sporting his alligator shirt from Grandma Rita – the kid LOVES alligators!


Day 196
July 15

Natalie helping me with the Clickin’ Moms Scavenger Hunt 2010 – she’s standing in front of the recycling truck (on the list) but I cropped down to her because she’s just the cutest with her peace sign


Day 197
July 16

Cherry tomato harvest 🙂


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