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Clickin Moms Scavenger Hunt 2010

July 19, 2010

I joined Clickin Moms last fall, and it’s a great forum site with a ton of great info for photographers of all skill levels. They’re doing a really fun contest right now that’s a scavenger hunt. We have all of July to photograph items on a list (so far it’s 290 items long) along with a Clickin Moms 2010 sign. I’m having a good time with it, even though I’m frustrated with my inability to locate a bidet, bed pan, or kangaroo easily. (I’m not about to go into the hospital with my camera to ask to photograph a bed pan, but if I get desperate, I just might do that).

Here are just some of the things I’ve had to find:


Urban Skyline (Chicago here)
Jul122010_0035 copy

Gazebo (with my cousin D’Anna, isn’t she great?!)
Jul082010_0052 copy

Child & Shadow
Jul162010_0012 copy

Lightning Bolt (a list item I never thought I’d get, and had the miracle of capturing it last night)

Fun times!

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