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Project 365 – June 19-25

July 17, 2010

Day 170
June 19

Well, I made it almost halfway through the year before missing a day. And this is the day I missed. Not sure how that happened, but I didn’t take a single picture this day.

Day 171
June 20

Rich was out of the country for Father’s Day, so the kids and I talked to him via Skype that morning.

Day 172
June 21

A lame Me Monday photo … I’ve been struggling with too much daylight coming in while editing, so I put up my backdrop stand to give me less light from the window.

Day 173
June 22

I love taking pictures of the sky – this is sunset as viewed from our back deck

Day 174
June 23

I love my happy boy! We were just chilling out in the dining room when I captured his sweet smile here.

Day 175
June 24

Andrew and I had a lot of fun playing Monopoly together – he really loves the game! I barely beat him, by only $98!

Day 176
June 25

I took the boys blueberry picking while the girls were in VBS. This was our first time ever going, and we had a great time. Brought home a LOT of blueberries!

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