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Project 365 – May 8-14

June 2, 2010

I’m almost a whole month behind updating my Project 365 posts. It’s been busy times here. I did a couple photo sessions plus we replaced our entire first floor with hardwood. Still trying to organize the madness from moving everything around! Without further ado, here’s the next week in my project 365.

Day 128
May 8

Jordan was so proud of the fort she built. She’s right at home in it too. 🙂


Day 129
May 9

Happy Mother’s Day! Jack’s dinner was not prepared by me, hooray!


Day 130
May 10

Me Monday – I had hoped for a picture with my children since I was attempting to take their portraits. But alas, that didn’t happen, and so for Me Monday, it’s me reflected on my dirty car with the sunset behind me


Day 131
May 11
Jack jumps in his crib, practically all of the time when he’s awake. He’s jumping here but the flash froze his motion. Look at that happiness on his face as he jumps!


Day 132
May 12

Sweet Ellen, Natalie’s best friend …. I snapped this on the way back to our house after school.


Day 133
May 13

April showers certainly brought me May flowers. My friend sent me this rose bush when Natalie was born, and I love watching the roses bloom every year.


Day 134
May 14

Jordan, trying not to let me take her picture, but I pushed the button before she could run. 🙂


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