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Project 365 – May 15-21

June 2, 2010

Warning … there’s a lot of cute Jack in the photos below. I spent more time with him than anyone else that week. 🙂

Day 135
May 15

Jack is mesmerized by the show Hi-5 – he climbed up into my recliner and sat there for a very long time just watching …


Day 136
May 16

Open House at the fire station. We had waited in line for over an hour to ride – as you can see, Natalie is ready to go!


Day 137
May 17

Me Monday – made my favorite soup (lentil) which was perfect for the dreary weather we were having.


Day 138
May 18

Not a banner photo day for me … this is the best I have. Jack giving me a “cheese” face over lunch. 🙂


Day 139
May 19

Jack was being totally goofy today – you can see the red glow from the tv reflected onto his face. He was watching Hi-5 (again) but turned to grin with his tongue when I called his name.


Day 140
May 20

I love this shot of Jack … he’s just watching out the front door, maybe thinking about running around in the grass.


Day 141
May 21

Something different for me … flowers. I captured these off the bike path when I took Natalie and Jack out for a post-lunch ride. 🙂


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  1. June 3, 2010 8:08 pm

    Really?! No flowers? How do manage to avoid flowers?! I thought us shutterbugs were all suckers for sunsets and flowers. 🙂

  2. coolmama72 permalink*
    June 3, 2010 8:46 pm

    Well, I don’t make a habit of growing flowers, and I just don’t think to take pictures of flowers in other people’s yards. LOL But I’m TOTALLY a sucker for sunsets!

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