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Project 365 – Feb 27 – Mar 5

March 14, 2010

Day 58
My amaryllis got a late start this year … and it’s already starting to not look so
healthy. 😦 Needed to capture it while the flowers were still vibrant.


Day 59
Andrew was in a bad mood for a good part of the day. At the time, he was playing his computer, but when I asked him to look at me, I got the scowl. Nice, but typical of him for the day.


Day 60
Me Monday … my favorite part of the day, reading to my boy

(getting him to look at the book when the self timer light was flashing on the camera was a challenge to say the least! LOL)


Day 61
My 19 month old is easily entertained by our playing cards. But today I think he emptied them ALL. I can’t begin to tell you how many cards were on the floor, but the colors spoke to me so I grabbed my camera …


Day 62
I felt like photographing the windmill today (over by our HOA office, we don’t actually own our own windmill LOL)

Day 63
Jack looks like such a big boy sitting in a "real" chair at the table.


Day 64
Natalie looked so cute in her hat, I just had to take her picture. She had a lot of fun posing for me before school.

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