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Project 365 – Feb 7-13

February 24, 2010

I’m certainly behind on updating my blog! But no one has emailed me asking where my updates are, so I guess that’s okay. Ha ha ha ha

Day 37
After getting 30″ of snow over the past 36 hours, it was hard to pick one picture for my 365 project. But instead of a snow picture, I opted to go for Jack and his peekaboo face – he sure loves playing with doors!


Day 38
One of my captures of our massive snowfall. No, not all 26 inches were on the birdhouse, but there’s enough there to show that we really got a lot of snow!


Day 39
Me Monday … trying to capture myself with my kids, but with four kids it’s impossible to get the “right” capture. But this one is perfect, it really represents our daily life.


Day 40
Jack has yet another ear infection. I had just picked up his medicine, and decided this worked for today’s photo


Day 41
This is Natalie’s superhero pose – she thought she was a superhero with all of that paint. And that paint was NOT what I had in mind when I gave the girls permission to face paint. (For the record, they used finger paint instead of the face paint kit we have)


Day 42
Making a Valentine for Daddy


Day 43
My mother-in-law on her birthday (she humored me when I wanted to bounce my flash off the sliding glass window 🙂 )


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