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Project 365 – 7 days at a time (Jan 16-22)

January 24, 2010

Day 16
Mom’s bad hand at Quiddler …


Day 17
The kids were giving Jack a ride in the laundry basket – the action stopped when I appeared with the camera. The older two just wanted to pose with the baby.


Day 18
Enjoying the frosting for Natalie’s cake … poor Natalie didn’t get to lick a beater because she fell asleep.


Day 19
Natalie is four today!


Day 20
Jordan was vegging in front of the tv, and I wanted to document her … she flashed me the peace sign as I was taking her picture and then burst into giggles about it. just too cute.


Day 21
Forgot to take my photo until late at night. It was raining, I thought I’d try to catch the rain on camera. No luck and I was too cold to try too hard. Instead we see the tree in my front yard. At least it’s a photo for my 365 collection. 😉


Day 22
I had asked Natalie to give Jack “a” book to occupy him while I showered. She put ALL of his books in his crib with him. Good thing he likes books!


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