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Project 365 – 7 days at a time (Jan 9-15)

January 19, 2010

Here are the next 7 days. Some days are definitely more challenging than others! Jack sure appears in a lot of these, but he’s the kid that I’m around the most so he falls victim to the camera. 🙂

Day 9

My friends Ellen & Dave at Ellen’s suprise birthday party


Day 10

Jack was quite the mess after his ravioli lunch – too cute to pass up a photo opportunity like this!


Day 11
It’s “Me Monday” again … I was taking Jack’s 18 month portraits and using Quack Quack as a prop. I thought a picture of me and boy together would be nice … Jack wanted nothing to do with it, so it was just me and Quack Quack for today’s picture.


Day 12
I finally finished knitting this hat for Jordan today … I met her at the bus stop with the hat, and camera in hand. She loved it!

Day 13
I love the intensity of the boys as my son’s best friend watches my son play his DS.


But I had another picture that I wanted for my photo of the day, so I really have two for this thirteenth day. It’s my view of the sunrise from my bedroom window.

jan 13 sunrise

Day 14
Jack has recently started closing his eyes like this when he’s being all shy with someone he doesn’t really know – almost like if he can’t see them, they can’t see him. Our babysitter had just showed up (while he was eating his dinner) and he’s giving her the ole shut eye here. ha ha ha


Day 15
Jack right after his nap today … I just love this sweet boy to pieces

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