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Christmas Gifts

January 10, 2010

Catching up here … almost didn’t post these, but I really do want to capture the work I did making Christmas gifts for my family.

I sewed a “garden tote” for my mom. She doesn’t have to use it for the garden, it’s just that the tutorial I followed called it a Garden Tote. I am very happy with how it turned out! Andrew even remarked that it looked store bought, which just make me proud.


One side – this pocket is sewn in half, so it’s two smaller pockets


And the other side with the full pocket.


Then I sewed a regular tote for Rich’s mom. This one I used a compilation of a couple of tutorials to complete. Like the garden tote, it’s lined and has pockets. It also came out really nice!


For my 6 year old, I sewed a cute purse using old jeans and pink fabric. I used iron on flowers on the pockets. She loves it!

jordan bag

I sewed a scarf for my brother

eric scarf

I sewed a pair of fleece longies for Jack, for him to wear over his diaper at naptime – sadly they didn’t fit. I’ve since sewed him a new pair but haven’t photographed them.


I knit hats too – the brown one went to my sister (she loved it, hooray!) and the pink/brown to my goddaughter (perfect for the cold weather where she spent the holidays)


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