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Project 365 – 7 days at a time (Jan 2-8)

January 9, 2010

I decided that instead of posting my 365 photos daily on my blog, I’d do a week at a time. That works best for time management on my part, and if I actually ever get anyone subscribed to my blog, then it’s not a daily update. 🙂

So, without further ado, here is a full week of my project 365 photos!

Day 2
My parents bought me a Cactus trigger for Christmas, but due to the blizzard UPS didn’t deliver it in time. So they sent it to me afterwards. It arrived on Jan 2, and I couldn’t have been more excited!


Day 3

Natalie saw me with the camera and wanted to pose for me. I was trying to capture her sister who was writing a letter to a friend. But Natalie was too cute not to pick this on as my photo of the day.


Day 4

It’s “Me Monday” – I’m taking a self portrait every Monday as part of my project 365. Today I set up my OCF and used the tripod and remote to take this picture. Hooray for OCF! (However, I learned that my posture SUCKS!!!! And I had some focus issues as I tried to get this picture right. This one will have to do, zit and all – no post processing other than WB in ACR).


Day 5

Dinner is served – it’s taco soup night!


Day 6 (there’s no reason this one is bigger than the others aside from the fact that I cropped it differently)

I was taking a picture of a card I made my husband for his birthday when Natalie insisted on being in the picture. She’s a funny kid, and I know I will struggle with getting her in front of the camera for her portraits this month. So that being said, I chose this as my photo of the day.


Day 7

Andrew is reading a book about spiders as part of his homework


Day 8
My 17 month old was a Cling-On today. He just wanted to be held all day long. Here he is holding on to my leg, and begging me to pick him back up.


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