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Portraits of my boys

October 21, 2009

Jack turned 15 months on the 11th, so I took his portrait to replace his 1 year portrait on the wall (18 months is next). I really wanted him to stand, but he would have nothing to do with it. I still need to have one of these printed to hang, but I’m happy that I got a couple that I love.

My favorite

IMG_8433 sooc_portrait filtered reds copy

The one Rich likes better

IMG_8417 copy_filtered copy copy

I used Teddy Grahams to get a standing one, pity he’s not looking

A few days later, I took Andrew out for his 8 year portraits.

This will be cropped to an 8×10 for the wall … but I love it how it is

IMG_8506 reduced yellow copy - Copy

And a few of Andrew and his BFF Carson

IMG_8493 conversion

I played with texture for the background of these neat shots by some graffiti under a bridge

IMG_8627 cop y

IMG_8638 copy

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