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Striped hair boy

September 28, 2009

Dug out the camera for the first time in a week (still recovering from surgery). My kids had a country fair at their school today and came home with painted hair. I didn’t get any photos of the girls, but definitely wanted to capture Andrew’s cool stripes.

First, my sick baby was inside the house. I can’t pick him up so I had to leave him inside while I took the pictures. Poor baby boy is so congested! And he wasn’t happy that he was on the other side of the window …

IMG_8042 copy

And now the striped hair boy 😉 Can you see the red in his hair? So hard to try to capture with his dark hair.

IMG_8054 copy

Mommy goggles on this one, I just love this profile shot of my boy

IMG_8055 copy

And this just cracked me up – he kept flashing the peace sign

IMG_8059 copy

IMG_8065 copy

IMG_8064 copy

And then I thought I’d try to get a sunburst, but there was no way to do that AND see his face. I knew this, but thought I’d try to play to see what I could come up with.


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