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I am loved

August 20, 2009

As I mentioned in my first post, my good friend Ann gave me the nudge I needed to incorporate “purple irises” into my blog name.   I hope she doesn’t mind my sharing her words here (well, what she found in addition to her own words), as I felt so loved when I logged into my email this morning to see the novel she wrote.

I saw on the photography board that you were thinking about a blog and stuck on a name. I’ve been thinking about it, but didn’t really come up with any ideas. I then saw this post and how you’re really moved by the U2 song Blinding Lights. So I took a look at the lyrics and the only thing that I could come up with was Purple Iris from the line “Flash bulbs, purple irises the camera can’t see”. I took a look at the meaning behind a purple iris and came up with this,

An iris flower has been popular in the world since the ancient period. People have loved and honored iris flowers for their exquisite beauty and meaningful nature (your work is wonderful and I know you put a lot of time and thought into everything you do). An iris flower comes in many different colors, each expressing a different symbolical meaning. Of the many colorful varieties of irises, a purple iris flower is famous (maybe you will be too someday soon).

For its wide popularity an iris flower is crowned as the state flower of Tennessee (you’ve been to TN, right?). The word iris comes from a Greek word which means rainbow representing a variety of colors (your work is full of color). On the other hand, the word purple has association with royalty and ceremony (you are Queen of the house). Purple represents pride, dignity and success. (Is this not the feeling you get from your work?)  Thus, a purple iris flower makes a stunning appearance both in look and meaning (Your work is both stunning in appearance and meaning).

Purple iris flower is the emblem of France and is known as Fleur-de-lis. These purple irises are always associated with twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. A purple iris flower symbolizes wisdom and knowledge (Once again this is you). They are praised all over the world for their rich meaning. One can even try giving a bunch of purple iris flowers in order to compliment someone (what better way to compliment someone than to give them a gift made from the heart be it a photo, a scrapbook layout or a diaper to poop in ;)). Whole-hearted compliments can be expressed without words by giving purple iris flowers. Such is the vastness of iris flowers.

Purple flowers have an individual strong color of their own with which it rules the vicinity. But other than this, purple irises also help to make a proper background for flowers of any other color. A bunch of purple iris looks bold and attractive; your guests cannot help themselves from looking at the vase full of purple iris flowers (People love to look at your work, it’s both beautiful and inspiring).

I think a purple iris can be related to your work in many ways, especially with your photography! My comments added in parentheses.

See, I must be loved!  What a good friend I have in Ann, her words make my heart smile.


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